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My annual headache of the writerconuk goody bags is upon me. I think I have enough lined up, but I'm still on the lookout for that special something (that hopefully costs a pittance!) .


For those who might be interested in discussing all things fannish and haven't yet signed up (why haven't you, why wouldn't you?) there are still places left. We always have a fantastic time. Everyone is welcome, writers, vidders, artists, readers from all fandoms. If you can get to Coventry for the weekend of 6-8 August 2010 we would love to see you and you can find out more here: writerconuk or here.

If you are thinking of going, but haven't yet committed, a quick comment here to let me get an estimate of numbers, would be a great help. Or if you have a great idea for 'something special' that I could buy or make, that'd help too!

If you can't come, then you can always take part in the Bannergrab challenge.

Another thing I am meant to be promoting is spnland, a Supernatural community of competitive creativeness. You can join Team Heaven, Team Hell or kick both their respective behinds in Team Hunter. A new apocalypse has just started and we're looking out for new members. If you're interested, just mention that this cool member of Team Hunter sent you


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For me it's going to be a last minute thing, but I'm going to try my damndest to be there.

I get that, it'll be good to see you if you can make it!

I'm signing up now! (There's shiny money in my PayPal account from ze eBay.)

All I've got for the special something is more sweets...

More sweets is always a good thing, but at this rate I'll fill the bag with them, which I know will suit you, but I wanted bit more than that.

Actually, I've been working out the budget for this year against what I want to buy and I might have a nice amount spare.

(Screened comment)
Now that's the sort of idea I like!

(Screened comment)
They look amazing!!! We could have fun building them too. :D

That'd fill Friday evening.

I think I can see the quiz now - just_sue or whoever trying to ask questions as bits of stuff fly around the room.

This is why I dismissed packets of modelling clay - the hotel might not let us back!

I'm not sure we're getting a quiz this year. I'll have to find out what the plan is.

Ha! Yeah...

I'm not sure we're getting a quiz this year. I'll have to find out what the plan is.


I'm sure someone said something about no quiz, but the membership post says quiz so hopefully I'm wrong.

I'll run a quiz if no one else will! (Ha ha, lots of Buffy questions...)

[Psst - you might want to screen this as well!]

I know! I was just waiting for your reply.

Oh I see!!! Very thoughtful. I always forget how screening works...

I think it unscreens when you reply, but I thought I'd play safe.

I think that works for you as the journal owner, but I think I'd have just been blocked from replying. (?)

Whatever, I thought I'd wait and make sure. I doubt there are a ton of people reading goody bag spoilers.

I dunno, I bet it'd have ended up on SpoilerSlayer somehow.

Definitely coming but I haven't sent the cheque yet. Will do so today!

Yay! I'm really looking forward to this.

Do you need any help with the goody bags this year?

I think I'm okay - at the moment anyway. I've identified what i want to buy, but there is still some money left so any input, ideas or even criticism you might have would be very welcome.

What have you got so far?

Ah. That would be telling! Mostly the usual stuff, pens, paper and sweets, a fannish gift I'll have to create, something to promote/commemorate the event. I'm trying to come up with an idea for an icebreaking surprise like the plot bunnies, although quinara had a good suggestion.

I might also have something SPN related, but to use it would mean an imbalance with the other fandoms.

You could stick it in the raffle and then I can fight people for it ;)

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