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My annual headache of the writerconuk goody bags is upon me. I think I have enough lined up, but I'm still on the lookout for that special something (that hopefully costs a pittance!) .


For those who might be interested in discussing all things fannish and haven't yet signed up (why haven't you, why wouldn't you?) there are still places left. We always have a fantastic time. Everyone is welcome, writers, vidders, artists, readers from all fandoms. If you can get to Coventry for the weekend of 6-8 August 2010 we would love to see you and you can find out more here: writerconuk or here.

If you are thinking of going, but haven't yet committed, a quick comment here to let me get an estimate of numbers, would be a great help. Or if you have a great idea for 'something special' that I could buy or make, that'd help too!

If you can't come, then you can always take part in the Bannergrab challenge.

Another thing I am meant to be promoting is spnland, a Supernatural community of competitive creativeness. You can join Team Heaven, Team Hell or kick both their respective behinds in Team Hunter. A new apocalypse has just started and we're looking out for new members. If you're interested, just mention that this cool member of Team Hunter sent you

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