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Dear BBC...

Dear BBC

Don't you think that if I was the slightest bit interested in the football, that I might actually be, you know, watching it?

This means that if I am watching the Formula 1 or the Glastonbury coverage (which is making me itch to be there) I don't want to know every last detail of what's going on BECAUSE I AM TRYING TO AVOID IT!!! My neighbours shouts are telling me all I don't want to know already thanks.

Please get back to talking about music or stop and go penalties and let me continue to not give a stuff.

Thanks and XXX



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Don't you think the BBC's obsession with World Cup football will wind down now that England are no longer in it?

I naturally react very badly to having things rammed down my throat.

An admirable quality, to be sure. Write to Points of View (the above might do very well); your voice and that of countless others should be heard!

(Deleted comment)
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