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Potential Darwin Award

A one-sided teenage telephone conversation heard from the footpath under my window tonight (annotated):

"...But Hemel doesn't have any cliffs."

(true enough, though there are a lot of steep hills)


"Dunstable has?"

(Um, no. It does have an escarpment off downland, which people paraglide, etc from, but it's hardly a cliff)


"Oooh I want to do that! But without a parachute."

Okaaay. Exactly what activity can be done with a parachute, where there is a possibility of doing it without one? Short of suicide that is.


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Hee - brilliant!

Of course, I've had strange, unintelligible conversations on the phone... but I can't for the life of me work out what this one could be about.

We'll never know.

A woman I work with was having a conversation with her mum today which involved cheese and not using the toilet rolls.

Cheese and not using toilet rolls doesn't sound that out there! Though were they in combination?

Well, that would be why I didn't make the post about that conversation.

I don't think so.

Ah, you're always one step ahead...

Intriguing. I've seen people riding in go-kart thingies pulled by parachutes, but you don't need a cliff for those. Indeed, a cliff is really not advisable.

Hunting for gannet eggs?

Is that a common youth activity these days?

More overgrown teenagers from what I've seen - men in their late twenties who want to feel adventurous.

I'd love to see them doing that in Hemel...

On the Magic Roundabout?

Hemel doesn't strike me as a parachute-type adventure zone.

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