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Sundogs and Englishwomen

Yesterday, I saw a sundog!. There is a lot of camera flare, but there it is, the bright spot in the centre of the picture.

Bet you're all amazed now.


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Especially since I'd never heard of it and had to click on the link.

However... cool!

All the lens flare doesn't help, but it's certainly there.

My dad spotted it while he was washing up.

Bet you're all amazed now.
More so at your camera's ability to capture it.

I was a bit surprised about that too.

Cool, I've never heard of that before! I have learned something today.

I've seen one before (my dad is into astronomy), but this time I had the camera handy.

Wow! That's spectacular.

Not as good as the ones on Wikipedia, but not bad!

Learn something new every day!

You see all sorts out of my parent's back window.

Well isn't that exciting? Something totally new to me, too.

My dad always spots these sorts of things.

*iz impressed*!! I like the sky when it does pretty things.

Also, your LJ font has changed?!

It has changed! To re-brand in line with my website I've gone from Verdana to Century Gothic.

How consistent of you!

It's likely the whole LJ will change to match, but I can't be bothered at the moment.

So do I. I take a lot of pics of strange clouds.

Not sure where they are though.

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