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BTVS - Buffy-Spike (Bleeds)

Seasonal Spuffy

Today was my seasonal_spuffy day!

I had two short fics this time:

Daddy's Girl Spike and Buffy at his daughter's wedding (not quite what you're thinking!)

and a last minute addition:

Mixed Up Spike makes Buffy a mixtape.


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I really enjoyed both of these! I can completely picture them as episodes- or parts of episodes I guess. Great job, love the humor! :-)

Thanks. I like twisting the expectations round a bit.

Hee! Those were perfectly Spuffy. Lordy, mixtapes! I still have all of mine! ::is old, but not quite as old as Spike::

I made a few in my time, although I never made them for anybody. I don't have any now.

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