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A question for you all

Bar some minor tweaking and checking of links, nearly 200 pages later the update to my website is now complete! Never again people, it's going to be blue forever.

I've been debating what to do about the Buffy LJ icons I have stored there though.

While I like having all my work in one place, the fact is that I'm running out of space and Virgin don't seem to offer an option to buy more (it's hard enough finding out that you even have web space. They certainly don't advertise that it's offered, it's a bit of a trek through their website to find out anything about it). My only option then is to upload them on my parent's unused webspace, which of course, is a bit of a pain. That'll be a lot of effort if people aren't interested in them.

Anyway, I'm not sure I should keep them. They take up space I could use for fic and I don't think people a) know that they are there, and b) care. Plus they are scattered about my LJ if people really wanted them.

There's also another thing to factor in: my lack of productivity in that area. All these icons are getting a bit old now. I haven't some for awhile and I don't think I'm likely to make many more. I have an absolute ton of Supernatural bases I've done very little with and I never did finish my last batch of Buffy ones. I'm having a struggle with the art side of things altogether if I'm honest. Aside from the touch of RSI I have in the finger joints of my right hand from the wheel mouse, my main computer has a maddening lag problem I can't seem to fix (which is particularly bad at the moment) and Paintshop Pro just crashes on my laptop.

So a poll:

Poll #1569664 Should I bother keeping the icons on my website

Should I bother keeping the icons on my website?

Yes! All your work should be in one place to rummage through.
No. They just take up space and no one looks at them anyway.
No. They were crap.
No. LJ has more than enough icon posts on its own.
Maybe you should just keep the best ones.
Carry on as you are and get on with making those Supernatural ones.
Icons? You made icons? When?
What website?

Bottom line is: I think I'm inclined to get rid of them, so it comes down to anyone wanting them.

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