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I suppose I'd better supply the answers to the true/false thingumy too.

1. I won a literary prize once.
True. Although "literary" might be stretching the definition a bit. When I was fifteen my English teacher put the whole class into a couple of National writing competitions. I was the only one to win anything. I'm not too sure of the circumstances as I did #2 when it happened, but I think I came 3rd in the region for writing a 50 word story about a dog, which was sentimental rubbish I have not kept. I won a pen set. Come to think of it, I wonder if it was ever published?

2. I lived in Cape Town for a year.
False. I lived in Johannesburg for six months. When I was fifteen the family moved to South Africa for my father's job for two years. Because of our many adventures there, we came back after six months as my parents thought it too dangerous to stay. I was so pleased, I hated it there.

3. My university thesis was called Science Fiction's Representation of the extension and violation of the Human Body by cybernetics and cyberspace. It got a first.
True. It got a first (just), I didn't. I read it now and I have no idea what I'm talking about.

4. My archery teacher was the spitting image of Nasir from Robin of Sherwood
True. Uncannily so. I also had a Science teacher who fancied himself as Michael Praed.

5. I am immune to TB.
True. Scraping the barrel of interesting facts here. I was scared to death of the BCG for years, only to find I was immune after all and didn't need it. Not sure about the new strains though.

Well done to the two people who replied, who both got it right: thefangirl & just_kumi.

I made it too easy obviously.

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