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(no subject)

Don't worry the world is now safe from the alien flower pollen, Rose and I (Amy Pond) have just helped the Doctor rid the world of that threat. It was a bit hairy for a bit for me, the pollen got me and I died! But Rose fixed me with the sonic screwdriver and I was okay!

(Yes, I have been playing Doctor Who with the friend's nippers. The red hair automatically makes me Amy)


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Oh, this is why I didn't need to take a hayfever pill today!! Well done, Amy! :D

(This game sounds fun...)

I know, I'm a genius!

(We got to visit space stations, went back in time to find the first seed of the alien anti-plant, then we threw it into a cold sun! Good times!)

(*is impressed* And here I thought I was being productive when I washed my clothes and did my washing up and did some Saturday-style revision-to-music...)

(I did spend a bit of the game lying on the garden path dead)

(Oh noes!! How did you get ressed?)

(Rose cured me with the sonic screwdriver)

(Smooth. ... And I just re-read the post, where you explain this! *smacks head*)

You can sleep soundly now.

Were they playing the Doctor and Donna last year?

Nope. And I didn't see any of that series due to the presence of Catherine, whose presence always makes me turn the TV over. Doctor Who does have a habit of casting all the people I loathe.

Edited at 2010-05-23 10:37 am (UTC)

I don't like Catherine Tate's sketch show, but I did like her as Donna.

That said, the best ep of the series she was in, Midnight, hardly featured her at all.

Maybe I should check that one out.

You should. I think you might like that one. It was so good (IMO) that I could hardly believe RTD had written it.

I do like Doctor Who, but on my terms. I tend to drop in and our depending on the actors, so I'll try and remember to find it.

I like the idea of Donna, it's just CT's screechiness that annoys me.

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