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Hello world

Wow. It's been ages since I posted.

This is mainly because I've had nothing to say, but I've also been exhausted. I've been wrangling the document from hell, plus I've been dealing with a new responsibility given to me at work, which of course came with a ton of new work. Luckily I'm about to lose it again (but not because I was crap at it hurrah!).

Anyway, the reason I've not been able to keep my eyes open in the last week is because of the energetic weekend I had last week (that and the lousy nights of sleep I've been having). I went to Shropshire with my friends and their two daughters.

The world's first iron bridge (hence the town name of Ironbridge. I wonder what they called the place before the bridge?)

On the bridge...



The town:

Some houses:

Blist Hill Victorian Village

The Victorian equivalents of teenagers on those stupid, tiny bikes; old blokes on traction engines. They scared the horses.

Not this one though.

Ha ha.

Telford entertained the kids. We went to Wonderland, a fairytale land populated bizarrely by pirates. This is Captain Jack Sparrow apparently.

There is a joke about a giant chopper in here somewhere:

Then we went home after a bird crapped in my friend's hair. She's lucky like that.

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Sounds like a lot of fun! (Well done on missing the bird crap.) Though unless geography was very, very weird by that bridge, I think your Left and Right pics of the river are repeats.

Maybe before the bridge was there they called it 'Crappy Fording Point' and were glad to change the name?

Ah, yes, the river pics are different now...

I don't think there was anything there before the bridge so it probably wasn't called anything at all.

You were just down the road from me (well, an hour or so away).

On the same road more or less.

Pretty pretty England! Want!! *grabby hands*

Someday I have to go see Ironbridge. I'm a techie history geek so that's right up my alley.

It's Industrial Revolution mecca! There's even the Museum of Iron!

It was also bloody freezing btw.

I've always wanted to go there! It looks fascinating and you even had dry weather. Many thanks for sharing the pics.

If you like Industrial history, it is the place to go. I have to say, it isn't really my period of history, I lose interest after the Restoration.

It was dry most of the weekend, but it was so, so cold.

Ironbridge is, Telford not really.

I always think that, for a first attempt particularly, the iron bridge is really quite beautiful as well as functional.

It was a lot smaller than I'd expected actually.

They're all wonderful snapshots (LMAO at "ask your bootmaker for cock"), and that third one is absolutely GORGEOUS!

>>that third one is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Amazing really considering all the industrial stuff those trees are hiding!

Looks like a fun weekend!

That's a very big chopper too!

Cock.... *snickers* *iz 12*

Glad someone else thinks like that!

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