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(no subject)

For the non-lurkers, my friends list and the casually interested, I did go and buy the rare vinyl. And no, I have been bothered to connect up the stereo to play it.

As regards to soundingsea 's birthday love meme thing, the whole experience highlighted just why I don't usually participate in these things. I got all confused as to whether I was supposed to reply to the nice comments people left that I procrastinated for week feeling horribly guilty. So to redeem myself, thank you to those kind enough to say lovely things about me.

In other news, I don't have anything interesting to say. I'm still poking the WIP.


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Hooray for vinyl! And tee hee hee... *pokes the socially awkward bogwitch* No need to feel guilty!

Vinyl is a pain in the arse (but cheap!)

Cheapness is always good - and you can pretend to be oldskool chic!

I'm not sure there's much pretending there, I'm getting out of date!

You...bought a vinyl record and didn't play it? As the temperature drops and I have to drop my car out of the driveway before the snow hits. Maybe, I'll buy some wood. You didn't play your record?

No. The record player is a bit complicated and I can't be bothered.

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