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Love and Rockets - Terry

(no subject)

The question du jour is do I go and buy that bit of rare vinyl, even though I can never be bothered to connect up my record player anymore?


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Counter-questions: Can you afford it? Will it make you happy? Yes&Yes = go for it! What if you go through a record player phase in six months time and don't have it then? But don't be silly.

(This advice is brought to you by the Very Boring Advice Machine TM.)

I can afford it (£5.99!), but I have no idea what it sounds like so I can't answer the second.

Very boring advice machines have their uses.

That's like the price of a lunch+cake! (Pricing it at Caffè Nero prices - dunno why, I never go there anymore.) Perfectly reasonable for whim purchases. And, as a novelty fiend, I'd say not knowing what's on it is part of the thrill!!

*spits out a ticket*

I think it's very likely at this point that I will indulge. I might regret it if I neve see it again at that price.

People who encourage people to spend can still do the dance of capitalist superiority, right?

Well, I've already done it now, so there's nothing to be done in that regard.

I've bought the record now, so that works out.

Hooray! Anya would be so proud. If she were still with us. :(

Do you want it because it's rare or because you really want the vinyl version? Not a day goes by when I don't regret giving my original Beatles albums to the school fete. But would I buy those albums on vinyl if they came up for sale? Only if they were the ones I gave away.

OT I have a proposition for you re-WriterCon challenge.

I want it because it's my second favourite singer, Toni Halliday's old 80's band. I don't think it was ever on CD and probably never will be. I don't know what they are like though.

OT: Ok?

Have you searched for a youtube of the band performing? It's amazing how many golden oldies can be found.

OT - I'll email you.

I haven't seen anything. Youtube is part of the reason for me looking them up on Ebay in the first place. We are only talking £6 here!

Plus the faffing about setting up the record player. But £6 sounds as though it's worth the risk. What about P&P costs?

No P&P. I have been meaning to set up the record player to see if I can rip some stuff to MP3, but I've been too lazy. I'm just asking myself why I'm acquiring yet more vinyl.

Are you buying it because you feel you must have it or because it might be worth more down the line.

This is a completest thing. I'm not a speculator.

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