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(no subject)

Outing myself here for the kind of things I look up on Ebay (crap for Breyer model horses), but dear lord, are these people serious?



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Buffy was rather hoping Spike would like a bath too.

Illyria has been reading Cosmo and thinks a pet would be good for them.

You can't just throw a dragon out of the cat flap.

*cackles madly* FAB.

Hmm... What else does Cosmo say? Is there something that perhaps hits a little too close to home and makes Buffy panic about the symbolic significance of their relationship!pet being highly dangerous and quite likely to kill Spike at any second? Does she try to rectify this through some sort of plan (that Illyria needs to be involved with)?

I think you now have the entire fic, I don't have a lot else!

I'm sure you have a plot somewhere - I'm just trying to find out what it is! Does the dragon have a secret power to turn back time?

Can Buffy and Illyria unite over the dullness that is football?

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