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(no subject)

Outing myself here for the kind of things I look up on Ebay (crap for Breyer model horses), but dear lord, are these people serious?



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Wow, just what I've always wanted - a horse jump made out of loo rolls and wooden skewers! And hee! I'd forgotten about your thing for model horses...

I spent Christmas making a papier mache diorama for them to gallop on. Took me right back, it did.

As a improvised jump its great, I used to make hedges out of scouring pads, but to sell them? I can't wait to see the painted ones.

99p for two toilet rolls and three cocktail sticks? Bargain!

I love that they're "cheeper." Yes, yes, that's quality right there.

I'm wondering how old they are and why their parents didn't stop them using the computer.


Quality item alright. *g*

Must have taken them, oh, hours to make.

Ten year-old filled with entrepreneurial spirit!

Good luck to them, but I'm not buying it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOGGLES!! I hope it's being good to you. :D

Thanks. It seems to be all about cat claws in my legs at the moment,

Running in to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope it's a great one L. and you've had a terrific day full of lovely stuff! :D

Thanks. I'm having no so much a birthday as a birthweekend. Presents tomorrow!

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