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Snow by Justgoto

Snowpocalyse Day1

I worked from home today due to the snow. It just chucked more and more of it down over the course of the morning!

After she woke up anyway.


She saw white!


Lots and lots of it.



Um, yes. I know. I was too lazy to make the bed.

And of course, these were all taken at lunchtime.

I have no idea about going in tomorrow, I'm not even sure I'll even manage to get the car out as there's so much of the white stuff, plus I do not possess a shovel.



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Looks like most of your neighbours were at home today too.

It's lovely to see Tegan back to her usual beautifl self. Is she playing with the window blind cord?

I think only one or two bothered to attempt it.

Shame her beautiful is very annoying sometimes, she;s back to fussing about food again. Yes, it is the blind cord.

Wow. That really is a lot of snow! I can't blame you for not wanting to go out in it!

That's more snow than I remember seeing ever, surpassing the previous record set before Christmas.

Oh she is quite facinated, bless!

She wouldn't like it so much if she'd still out in it.

I had the day off work today too :D Someone from work gave me a lift back yesterday as the usual person who picks me up was too nervous to come out. Even then the person driving me home found that their car kept stalling and slipping on a hill that they couldn't get past, so I had to walk the rest of the way. There's no way we can take the car out for the next few days.

I don't think people realise sometimes how tough snow can be on rural areas, so I end up feeling guilty about not making it in when those living near the main roads do and there's all these jokes about this conutry grinding to a halt over a bit of snow, but if the roads aren't safe to drive on...

I live 5 mins from work (by car, it takes a lot longer by foot and is up a steep hill) but I told my boss I wouldn't be in if it was actually snowing. Luckily, I can just take work home.

We take transport very much for granted, I think.

The snow really is quite amazing. Best to stay at home.

I totally agree. I don't know if I can do a second day though.

She's clearly bemused by the change of colour but just as fascinated by the blind cord!

Considering the forecast, getting out tomorrow doesn't look like a particularly inviting option. We don't have anything like as much snow as you do, chiz, cjiz - there's just a little bit in between snowbound North and snow-encrusted South, and we're in it - no more than two or three inches at most.

If you have work you
do from home, I'd stay there...

It's hard to excuse though when I live so close.

Wow, you have a lot of snow! Your kitty is so cute...and curious. LOL

And it is a lot of snow for us. We don't know what to do with it all!

That's a lot of snow (I assume you're in the south of England somewhere?). My bestfriend sent me a pic of her kids playing in the snow today in Oxfordshire and there was at least four or five inches already. I jokingly asked if she'd snuck them home to Kansas without telling me! We've had around 14 inches since Christmas Eve with little melt and already have at least four tonight. Very unusual for us!

Stay home and warm, that's what I'm doing!

I'm just north of London in Hertfordshire, so Oxfordshire isn't very far away. I think if we hadn't had the first snow that fell before Christmas melt, then we might have got close to 14 inches too.

Tegan looks so fit and well - I bet she's glad to be back home before the weather turned like this!

She doesn't seem to have figured that out, so I'm relieved for her.

Your snow looks about the same as ours, here in Oxford. Wish I didn't have to go out in it. :(

Same here, but I had to show my face at work.

I think we can happily declare that you HAZ snow! Lots of it. I think Tegan has the right idea - stay in bed and watch it out of the window.

That car looks very much like one that's going to stay there for a day or two...

I deffo haz snow! And we're promised more, oh dear.

I actually got that car out and drove it today!

As I look with a jaundiced eye back at the snow accumulation in New England over the two weeks and the temperature: 28 F (-2 C) as of now, I can only wish you joy of it. Those thugs at the local air force base are threatening more snow tomorrow! At least you can expect yours to melt.

Not for a couple of weeks though.

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