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Snow by Justgoto

The apocalypse is nigh!

Or so the News would have you think.

It's just started to snow here in the 'stead. Wish me luck.


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That's because no one has any salt and everyone is too lazy to shovel the snow properly. If everyone did the bit outside their home, we'd all be a lot better off.

True enough. But it's so cold!

That is a definite problem. It was 18 degrees in my flat when I got in!

Brr! We were driving home last night and it was -5!!

it was colder the night before I thought.

I think I've lost all ability to tell the difference between various levels of cold...

I just use my weather station.

Sneaky! You should be judging by the calls of birds and how fast a leaf crumbles. Or something.

I just look to see if the weather girl has her hat on.

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