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Shrek - Puss

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Many Yuletide Greetings to my Friends List.

As usual I will still be about most of it. Plus I still have a rotten cold so I wouldn't want to go out in all that cold anyway - the picture was taken out of my window this week!


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Happy Yuletide. Stay warm and take care with that cold. All three of us are sick and slobbing about in PJs all day. Celebrations are postponed until we're better.

Sounds good. We're muddling through, although my mumhaas it as well. I'm slowly getting better but it's gone to my chest a bit.

Happy Yuletide! I hope you get better soon, last year I had a cold during the festivities and it wasn't funny.

It's only the tail end of it, but nasty enough, Happy yule!

Thanks, greetings to you too!

Season's greeting to you too!

Have a great day, whatever you're having to eat.

Happy Yuletide to you too!

I really want to write a Christmas/seasonal pressie gift this evening, but since I can never write things in an evening it seems like a silly idea...

(When I say gift I mean fic.)

Oh thats lovely. Happy Christmas love. :)

And you. I hope things improve.


Happy Christmas!

That looks seasonal! And weather for staying in and looking at it!

Definitely. I had to drive over the Chilterns yesterday. It was so pretty but terrifying!

Yuletide Greetings to you too :) It rained here today and we lost all our snow and ice, which I have to say I wasn't too sorry about.!

We've had rain and the snow is thinning, but it's hanging on. I just want it to still be there for Christmas Day, then it's welcome to move on.

Pretty. I've been looking for a shot of a Christmas tree in a dingy this year but no-one seems to have floated one yet.

The same to you. I hope you and your family have a lovely day.

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