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(no subject)

More snow!

This is like a real winter where snow actually lasts long enough to play in it and there's a real chance of a white christmas after all where all the snowy stuff on the tree doesn't look rather anachronistic. Plus I don't have to go out to work in it. Result!


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Yup - same here. It started off as rain, then sleet, and in the last 15 minutes we've had 2 inches laying on the cars!!! EEEEEP!!!!!

I got out of work as soon as the sleet turned to snow and it's been going heavily for an hour now.

No snow here at the moment, but last week's snow hasn't melted and the forecast is for more (light) snow overnight tonight. I'm not holding my breath though, we were forecast heavy snow for Saturday night that never materialised.

I need it to stay clear for a few nmore days so that we can do some shopping for fresh fruit and veg. I tried the supermarkets online but none has delivery slots before Christmas.

It's been going an hour here now. According to someone at work the Chilterns are meant to be the furthest edge of it.

We're right on the edge of the Chilterns but if the band of snow is running West-East, we'll get our fair share.

It's still going here and not looking like stopping any time soon.

I see you're putting up Twelve Days at Archive of Our Own, I thought of doing that, but I never got to it.

I was worried about putting it up because it's co-written with Cass and she's not on the archive. I've come round that by crediting her in the summary and crediting each author in the chapters. Does the co-author link to you do anything?

I'm having a problem with the import using a URL from me website. It's importing only the image and chapter heading. I had to manually edit each chapter of Dancing the Night Away using 'view source' of each chapter. I don't want to have to do that for all 14 chapters of Twelve Days. I've contacted admin.

Funny thing is, I didn't have any problem using import with Family or Soul Searching. Just had to edit side menu out.

OOh - just checked. Using co-author automatically puts the story up on both authors' list.

I also got a notification to say you've done it, which is how I knew.

You should list all three of us in the co-author bit - you are leaving yourself out!

I did most my imports from FFN or my own site, they seemed to work okay. Does it not work from LJ?

I didn't use LJ, I used my own site at hesadevil.org

I don't think I need to list myself in the summary as the story is there under my name.

Your lovely card arrived today. MWNN was most touched, thank you. I can't remember who I sent cards this year. First year I haven't kept a list.

I just go through my address book.

The problem with making all your cards unique is that you forget where they all go.

This year you sent me pretty snowflakes on a window. Very professional.

Ah. That'll be the one that's a bit wobbly behind the scenes.

Sounds good to me! We haven't had enough yet. About an inch - really not enough for anything other than to make places slippery.

I think this is more snow than I've seen in my life and its still coming!

I loved your card btw.

Oh, I wish we had some here! All I found outside this morning was frost on the ground and a thick layer of ice on my car windows. No fun at all!

Yeah, ice on cars is crap. I had some to chip this morning too, but if I'd brushed the snow off yesterday then it would have been fine.

When snow is only there for our pleasure, it's nice !

We haven't had any since Saturday and that was only a tiny bit. I'd be happy for you if it weren't that I have to travel to Oxford on Wednesday and extricate aged mother from this mess. Plus, we don't even get the snow to play in. :(

Travel is the worst bit. It's so nice that all I have to do in the next two weeks is get to the parents seven miles away.

I guess snow looks great when if first falls, but after some footsteps in it and it turning to slush, not so much.

True, but it's hanging on and getting pretty deep (for Hertfordshire at least)

It's a snowpocalypse in the UK I tell you!

It's a pretty way to go!

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