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Random updates

1. The good news is that my throat isn't sore anymore, the bad is that my nose is full of goo.

2. Now I have worshipped at the altar of Depeche Mode once more, I can be complete again.

3. I don't think the cat likes me anymore. Plus she has a lump on her head.

4. I think I've killed my dishwasher. Eek!

5. Snow! In December! Could it be..,?


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Heh. Quincey is such a klutz. She's always bumping her head on something.

It doesn't feel like that kind of lump, it's more scabby/scaly. She won't hold still for me to look at it though. It doesn't seem to hurt her, so I'm not too worried for now.

Sympathy for the cold. I've had one pending for a while now that's never actually come to anything - rather annoying.

Everyone seems to have had snow except us down here. We had hail, instead!

Cats are inscrutable beasties, fond of throwing tremendous snits for no readily apparent reason, little pests. What kind of lump does she have on her head? My Poppy went through a phase of having little lumps appear on her head and I got really worried about it, but they disappeared again after a while. Apparently some cats are prone to them. Hopefully Tegan's are the same variety!

I have great whirling vortices of the stuff at the moment. It isn't heavy, but it's worsening.

I think Tegan isn't happy I sent her to my parents (where the cats she doesn't like are) while I went Depeche watching, plus I brushed her and she didn't like it. The lump as far as I can tell doesn't hurt her, isn't under the sking and doesn't seem inflamed. It might be a scab. It feels warty if anything. i don't know if cats can get such things.

Ah. So she feels she has good reason for sulking, then!

The lump does sound like the scabby little bumps Poppy used to get on her head. I never did find out what caused it, but they disappeared by themselves in time, so perhaps Tegan's will, as well.

Cats - can't live with them, can't live without them.

Sending healing vibes asap.

Nothing like a cat cuddle in the morning without wriggling.

Re 1: Yay, no pain! Boo, goo!

Re 2: How many more levels have you got before you're head of the cult?

Re 3: Tegan's probably just revelling in her newfound independence and is pretending to be too cool for owner-snuggles. I bet she grows out of it.

Re 4: Eek!

Re 5: I don't know! I only hope it doesn't bugger up the trains (or the number of people in the shops buying things and potentially meaning I get a bonus).

1. The pain's been swapped for discomfort.
2. Many, many levels. As you gains levels, the next just gets further away...
3. She'll get over it for the cracknip.
4. !!!! Imagine!
5. I don't fancy the 5 minute drive to work becoming a 10 minute rollercoaster of slippery fright much.

1. :(
2. Bastards
3. Deffs.
4. I can't!! Don't make me!! D:
5. Walking down the hill was interesting enough this morning... (I'm going to need to wear my Docs tomorrow, aren't I? But I can't wear my big black ones because half the tread's been worn away.)

2. Can't throw 25 years of effort away though.
4. Washing up! Cat food bowls!
5. Shame you can't put dms on wheels. I might wear mine tomorrow...

2. That's how they hook you in even deeper! It's self-perpetuating.
4. Again I say D:
5. Not sure that would help in the snow... (Though, ahh, I see what you mean - beef up the car tyres but not so much that you're reaching for the chains?) And you should definitely wear yours tomorrow. If they're ever weather appropriate, it's now.

2. I can't say I've minded.
4. More cat food bowls!
5. By the arctic view out of the window, I think the full Sir Ranulph look might be appropriate.

5. I'm seriously thinking about double tights and trousers... (And maybe a skirt over the trousers.)

I might just add some gloves.

*snort* I get cold easily, OK?

But what if you get stuck in a snow drift (twenty yards from your house)!! *flails*

If it's that deep I don't think I'd be going out.

I'm sure your cat still likes you. She's just sulking.

5. Snow. Yup, the earth is definitely warming up...!

Blowing a hooley here, right now. Cold wind, plus snow equals hellish drive to work in the morning. And they all drive like maniacs round where I live. *pouts*

Not much different to here then.

A cat with a lump and 'sulking' after spending time with other cats it dislikes sounds like an infected wound to me. They often don't look infected on the surface, but nasty things can be happening under the skin so I should whip her down to the vet to be sure. Although they do also get warty things sometimes so it might be nothing.

I used to have a cat who was the Spike of the neighbourhood - going and deliberately picking fights with beasts twice his size just for the hell of it. I know more about cleaning out infected wounds than you would ever wish to know.

She's always sulking.

My first thought was abscess, but I don't think it is. I'm keeping an eye on it just in case. The second I think it's something nasty, she'll be down the vet.

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