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Question of the Day...

Do I waste an hour and a half watching Mega-Shark v Giant Octopus? And will I be upset if the shark wins?


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If you love bad movies about giant sharks, then you need to watch it. Unfortunately, the octopus doesn't really get to do a lot in the movie.

So that's a no then. :(

It will be an hour and a half of your life you'll never get back. It really is appalling and not even in an amusing way except once or twice.

So a lot like Twilight then?

Actually it's probably better than Twilight; certainly the heroine is vastly more attractive, intelligent, and self-reliant than Bella. In fact so is the crap CGI shark.

I was expecting Twilight at least to be so bad it was worth a laugh, but was so boring! Nothing happens except staring. Even Angel got bored enouth with that to lose his soul.

It's all academic now. I watched Delia instead.

I side with the octo and want to see the show.

I don't want to see the shark win though.

Seen it. Way too many scenes of crappy actors, way too few scenes of giant CGI sharks eating airplanes.

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