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More cat pics

hesadevil requested pictures of Tegan (um, last week), so... okay then!

With my dad the night she was rescued:

One relieved cat attached to my leg for a day:

A fatal attraction:

Excuse the mess, most of it is covering a puzzle to stop her eating the pieces:


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Pretty Miss Tegan! Jack would like to say to Tegan, "Don't run way again, silleh Tegan. Home is where teh noms and teh lovins is!"

::scritchies her::

I've passed the message on.

Aww, pretty kitty pics are always welcome. She looks well recovered from her little trauma.

She's still shovelling the food in though.

Thank you for posting. She's such a lovely cat who is obviously very attached to you. Literally.

she's very kittenish in the penultimate picture.

She looks guilty you mean.

What a beautiful girl! I'm so glad she's safely back home.

She's back to being a nuisance!

Which means she's feeling safe and loved! I know because my boys are constant nuisances in different ways and they know they're loved, and therefore free to be nuisances. :-D

It's lovely to see her again - the hugz iz for Tegan!

I'm sure I can manage that! :D

She's looking good, now just remind her to stay at home and enjoy the holidays.

Shouldn't be hard - there'll be the tree to attack!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. I'm sure she's glad too.

What a pretty cat. And at least you now know that if she escapes again she can look after herself for a while. (Have to say, I was astonished when you found her - it goes to show cats can always surprise you.)

Not only can she look after herself, but quite well too!

Ur kat haz mad skilz!

Or something.

Also, have you had her microchipped - that brings at least some peace of mind.

She is chipped. She came from the Blue Cross, so she came with it thankfully.

The art of finding a cat, I think, is getting the message to the right person. It sounds easy, but it really isn't.

Aww, little Tegan. She's such a ham!!

Maybe I should put her in panto?

Definitely. She'd get on well with Puss in Boots from Shrek...

So glad she's home! She's a pretty girl :) I'd be devastated if my miss mackiemoo ever went walkabout so i'm so happy for you that you got your adventurous lady back :)

Thanks. It was certainly way more traumatic than I thought it would be. I feel rather silly about my reaction now.

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