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(no subject)

The rhyme doesn't go up to 14 magpies, does it? Because that's how many are gathered in the park at the moment.

Still no cat.


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I'd take that as two sets of seven magpies. So two secrets never to be told. (Or two meetings with the Devil, his own self. It depends on which rhyme you listen to.)

I'm sorry about your missing cat.

I can't say I fancy one meeting with the devil, let alone two!

I'm sorry about that cat, luv.

I think with that number of magpies you can perm any combination you want: two lots of gold and a joy for instance.

It means something gloomy probably.

Still no cat.

Current Mood: sad

I am sorry.

Sad is a bit of an understatement, but I'm managing.

I was hoping to find better news here. Damn it! Life just sucks sometimes.

It does I'm afraid.

This is... this is just something I can't believe even happened. How could she vanish in the time it took me to get downstairs?

There not much I can do anymore, it's up to fate now.

I might have a chapter soon, btw. Not having to go home to keep her company at lunch means more writing time.

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