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(no subject)

Still no cat and the weather has worsened.

I'm beginning to accept I won't see her again.


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It's been two weeks now, yes? I think you do need to draw a line under that panic for your own sake, as you simply can't maintain those levels of alert indefinitely - you need to draw that line and carry on with your life. It doesn't mean that all hope is completely lost, because cats have been known to turn up months later, in the unlikeliest of scenarios, as mentioned above, but until and unless that happens maybe accepting the worst is the healthiest bet for you. It is just desperately sad.

Was she microchipped? Probably didn't need to be, as a house cat.

She came from the Blue Cross, so she is chipped.

It's been about 10/11 days. I'm not necessarily convinced she's dead, but I can't see how I'll recover her. The area is too big. Even if she came home - assuming she knows where that is, which I doubt - I'd never know and she's be chased off again by noisy neighbours/teenagers/dogs. Otherwise she just has to come out to someone and she doesn't seem to want to.

Like I said, cats can turn up in the unlikeliest of ways. She might have wandered further than you would think she could, if only a little at a time. She might have been taken in by someone who has somehow managed to miss your saturation bombing of the area with leaflets and the like - I have a friend who is rather elderly and not always as sharp as she once was and she constantly tries to coax stray cats into her house to replace the cats she once had. She currently has one living in her garden - won't get close enough to touch but is content to stay in the garden because she is feeding it. And there's the situation I've got going with Macavity - I know he is sneaking in and pinching food, but he won't let me get close enough to touch. Could be Tegan is in a similar situation.

There are all kinds of places Tegan could have ended up. I agree that it is hard to know how she might ever find her way back, but all it takes is for the right person to find her and to think of getting her to a vet for her chip to be scanned, and that would do it.

You just can't live every day torturing yourself with possibilities either positive or negative.

It might have been easier if I'd had another cat.

There are so many possibilities. But the fact that one of the many dog walkers haven't found her makes me suspect she's gone into this fenced off area where there is an open drain. If she's there she'll just have to come out to me, but the area is so large I'm not sure she'll know I'm there.

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