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Nope. She's gone

Still no sign of the cat.

There's a little food out, a cushion cover I don't mind losing and a box. I've spoken to the local busibodies, kids and the dog walkers. There's signs up in the park.

I've walked miles today searching the park and the trees; all the places I can think of.

When I get the energy I'm going to sprinkle some of her litter on the grass outside.

I'm exhausted, not eating, and still catless.


I'm so sorry to hear about your Cat love. He may still reappear, you never know. Have you thought of putting out flyer's in the surounding area?

Yep, did that. I'm hoping a dog walker will find her, there's a lot of those around here.

:( *thinks hopeful thoughts*

Eat something, at least!! And have a strong cup of something caffeinated. When she comes back pepped-up from her adventure you'll need the strength.

I can never eat when I'm upset. I'm trying to drink though.

I do get her back, I'm sure still disappear under the bed for a couple of days.

Crap. Have you tried phoning around all the local vets in case someone has taken her in?

I really hope she turns up soon.

I've called Petlog, the vets are next. There's a surgery really close.

So sorry to hear that. Cats are very resilient but you must be so worried. Many hugs.

I know they are but she's not as strong as normal cats, which makes the worry more acute.

So sorry you're still catless. Signs can help muchly. Our neighbors had lost their cat for two days when someone called them to say that he was in their home , they just had seen the sign on a bench. :hugs:

The bench idea is a good one. I've put the signs on the dustbins so far, but not everyone will use them.

Come home, kitty! Your mama misses you.


*hugs* I'm so sorry.

I really hope you find her soon.


I'll cross my fingers for her safe return

I'm so sorry you've still had no luck. Everything crossed that she'll be safely indoors again very soon.


Thank you. If we don't find in the next few hours, I really don't think it bodes well for her.

I'm so sorry to hear she hasn't come back yet! We had this happen once with one of our indoor-only cats and she ended up being gone for three nerve-wracking days. I have no idea where she was during that time, but she never even tried to get outside again.

Very clever idea, spreading around some of her litter... hopefully that will make it smell like home!

*keeping my fingers crossed*

Thanks. It's how close the fox was that worries me. It was about five times her size!

I've done all I can I just have to wait for her. I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow (the way things are I might not be fit to).

I got the litter idea from a lost cats website, so I can't claim it.

Sometimes cats can't be found unless they're ready to be found.

Sending more good vibes along to both of you.

I hope so. I hope she isn't hurt.

Oh yes, a very worrying time. I hope she shows up soon.

So do I, I don't know if I can take more of this emotionally.

I'm hoping for the best and sending good thoughts.