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Crap Day, Part the Second

The afternoon was nowhere near as bad as the morning, thank god.

So the damage:

1. The person that carved me up on the roundabout turning out to be my dad.
2. A whacking great customs charge on my imported SPN DVDs. The hold up in customs also wiping out the point of paying extra for the expedited shipping.
3. After owning up to needing to pay this charge to the Post Room (who'd paid it for me), learning I could have got away with it.
4. Numerous mistakes at work. General dippiness.
5. Minor accident while reversing in the car park resulting in damage to someone else's car that could prove expensive.
6. Cat pissing on the bathroom rug then trampling it all over the flat/sofa/me.
7. Computers that keep crashing.


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Wow, that is a crap day! I hope tomorrow is better.

I know a ritual that will cure you of all your bad luck! Send $500 American cash monies to my PO Box and I will email it to you promptly!!! :P

Glad the rest of your day was better than your morning. ♥

Drat. The banks are shut.

Are you excited for the show tonight? Did you see all the fuss on Twitter. IT MADE AMERICAN TV NEWS, HAHAHAHA! I wasn't all that excited until I woke up today and then magically was.

I avoid Twitter like the plague. I did see there was a bit of a fuss.

I'm medium excited. Not as much as last year though. I shall be up at my usual time of 4.30 to start the download nonetheless.

I was really excited last year, too. This year I am completely spoiled and not as in love so the excitement has dwindled down.

Article here: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2160263/luciferiscoming_the_twitterverse_has.html?cat=39 and here: http://www.buddytv.com/articles/supernatural/lucifer-is-coming-how-supernat-31138.aspx

HAHAHAHA. I think Twitter is the grossest thing ever. Really, it's true.

I was completely spoiled last year too, it hasn't made a difference - I just loved the whole hell thing.

That definitely trumps my day. Rubbish to the nth! I hate customs charges.

The only reason I can think of is global post-09/09/09 come-down (which seemed to be a far bigger event than 08/08/08 or any of the others). What d'you think??

It was an event? I barely noticed.

The whole internet seemed to bring it up!

I only saw one post mentioning it (Booster's).

You missed out. Defintely.

You were right, that was an exceptionally crappy day.

That was just the morning as well.

Well, I was joking when I posted at Tortured_Prose, that it was unlikely you'd be well given your proclivity for self-destruction. Then I came here, and ... well. I hope you are doing better by now!

Yeah, it got better. You know, I'm not even thought of as the accident prone one at work. There's someone worse than me!

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