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I'm about due for another ow!

I have hurt my back in a freak Cluedo accident. The lead piping was not involved.

Plus I dropped a shelf on my foot.

All in another Sunday.


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How?? (Was it the candlestick? ;) ) And ow. :(

PS. I was actually about to email - if you haven't got round to beta-ing yet, you might want to put it off since a much-improved/extended story should be with you at some point in the near future. Though not much of what was there already should change, so anything you might have done shouldn't be a waste of time, hopefully...

It was my leg, not the candlestick. I'm not sure what I did, but I was sitting funny and as I moved I twanged a muscle.

I've started looking at it, but I haven't got very far so send away. It's been a busy weekend - still working on rebuilding these bloody cabinets!


Well, I haven't finished it yet (I was so lazy with the last scene; I'm trying not to do the thing where it really needs a sequel so it's 3000 words longer and counting - who knows whether it makes more sense now), so it'll probably be later in the week.

Have you worked out where the cabinets are going??

That's fine, whenever.

Yes. I think so. The problem is it means rearranging the entire flat and I have a lot of crap. This has made it a very slow process. It doesn't help that the shelf holes in one don't seem to line up.

But presumably once it's over you'll have storage for years of crap to come! Dunno what to do about the holes - creative drilling?

Drilling is likely to be the solution. I'll have more display space than I'll ever need, but storage will always be an issue.

Best start a collection of Star Wars memorabilia or something.

I have quite enough Star Wars crap already.

LotR? My uncle has plates.

I was very tempted by a Nazgul, that's true...

Get a life-size one. (Or life-ish, anyway...)

Much as I'd love that, they'd be no room left for the cat.

She could ride on its back!

I'm so disappointed... *shakes head*

Were you on the library with Miss Scarlett at the time?

Rope. Or candlestick.

I was with Miss Scarlett (my friend's six year-old daughter), but in the Lounge.

That was probably your first mistake. At all costs avoid those devilish instruments the comfy chairs.

Ah ha! The comfy chair!

Soft furnishings can be evil in teh right hands. Did you expect the Spanish Inquisition?

Not this time of night.

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