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I haven't been able to think of anything to post so:

Oh and writerconuk was great too!


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I want to come back as a well loved house cat. They just know how to relaaaaaaax :)

They call it a dog's life, but it really isn't!

You'd never guess she was a strung out cat treat addict.

She so is. She's a bit of a wimp though.

She'll like that, but she'll attack your hand if you go after that belly!

Cat pics are always a good reason to post! That first one is just the cutest. Also, she has gorgeous eyes. KITTY!

I love that expression in the second one. She think I'm an idiot.

Your cat's very cute. Has she calmed down yet?

Thankfully, yes! She's still a bit stroppy sometimes when she wants cat treats instead of her dinner.

She's beee00tiful and those are very good pics, especially the first one.

What did you decide to call her?

For once she's actually clean too, she has a habit of getting her dinner in her whiskers.

She stayed Tegan, I couldn't think of anything good enough that was worth all the effort needed to change it.

I think I'm getting the hang of the camera finally. Plus the good light helped.

That first one is priceless! Beautiful, beautiful cat.

She is ever so sweet natured too, if a bit of a wimp with other people.


Though I'm disappointed by your recommendation of us! :(

At least I managed to mention it! Time was getting on a bit...

Heh, I could have sworn you'd mentioned it before now, actually... :/

Awww, that first photo is fantastic! :)

You just want to tickle her tum there, don't you!

Aww, kitty!

Such gorgeous photos. Man, I'm jealous of your camera now...

It's not an amazing camera or anything. It's this one: (though I'm sure I didn't pay that much for it). The light was good though and I had the macco on.

Still jealous of the camera - mine is just a £50 cheapy that doesn't have a macro feature (and I've never figured out how to turn the flash off, if it is even possible, which can be a nuisance). So yours is pretty amazing in comparison! Still, mustn't complain *G*

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