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Sweet purry fluff cat by day, a devilish horror by night...


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I find this highly amusing, as my kitty's name is Clawdia. :)

Drat. Why couldn't I think up a cool name like that?

Oh - shiny! Clever stuff... I wish I was clever like you Brian... (Where did that phrase come from?)

Before my time I think.

I promised you a cat post.

And this was a great one, indeed!

(Deleted comment)
Don't be fooled. She'll slip a claw into your big toe at night.

The Claw is our master - she chooses who will go and who will stay!!

(Toy Story was after your time, wasn't it?)

Officially yes, unofficially hell no!

Hurrah!! Though I fear Toy Story 3 could be rubbish. (But then I am generally paranoid.) :(

Toy Story is good, but not my favourite, I'm waiting for Kung Fu Panda 2!

I still haven't seen Kung Fu Panda... Pixar annoys me with its constant selling of new films on the back of old films so blatantly there are clips in the trailers.

Isn't that Disney to blame there?

Maybe. But they're in it together as far as I'm concerned!

Sell outs, but greater availability in the Disney shop...

I've only ever been in the Disney shop once. It was frightening!

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