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(no subject)

I am so bored I can even dream up something for this post to be about.


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Yes, but what is it? It could be a full-stop, could be a mid-dot - without context we have no means of knowing. Not to mention all the Yanks, who think it is a 'period', which means the men have all run away as well. And have you considered that half your readership may have such poor eyesight or insufficiently contrasted styles that they don't even notice it? Plus there are the woodworking and oil drilling enthusiasts who started to make a pun about 'bored' but then realised it would only be interpreted as something smutty, this being fandom, and so decided not to bother. Not to mention all those people who just assume that your 'can' was a typo for 'can't' and hurry on by on the grounds that while they undoubtedly sympathise for your plight it is not their job to entertain you.

So I'm not sure we can help. Have you considered a hobby? I understand watching TV is quite fun.

Well, it gave you something to ponder, didn't it?

The dot is enigmatic, a mystery.

Or it could have been a typo all along, plus my habit of putting in a placing dot because LJ squashes the posts up in a way I find very unsatisfactory.

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