Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Progress Report

Okay. As it stands I have had 6 workable prompts. Progress is thus:

quinara: Love Hearts Double Triple Dip things. Or lollipops.
Status: Complete. Sweetheart Surrender

xc_runner50: spuffy - Spike giving his daughter away at her wedding.
Status: Was at draft stage, now has expanded a bit. Now needs a more comprehensive ending. Is making me tear my hair out actually.

cheesygirl: Spike and the Apollo 11 moon landing.
Status: Complete. Moon Memories (Or the Lack Thereof)

gehayi: Buffy/Supernatural crossover. Someone from the Buffyverse has to prevent or DOES prevent Lucifer being freed.
Status: Completed, but doesn't fit the prompt really. And Lucifer Brought the Light

hils: Spike meets Castiel
Status: Completed. Divine Interruption

diachrony: Max & Buffy and the perfect cup of coffee
Status: Complete. Coffee Nirvana

Anyone can still add a prompt if they like here. It's been quite fun. Remember Supernatural, Dark Angel or Buffy! But no more crossovers please.

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