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(no subject)

I'm bored. I was going to do some goodie bag stuff now I've got everything together, but I left the important stuff at work, so I can't.

To prevent me buying more crap on Ebay, inspire me with daft prompts or somesuch. Supernatural, Dark Angel or Buffy, I'm not fussy. You might get a ficlet or a drabble or just a couple of lines, lets see how we go.

ETA: New rule: I'll accept no more crossover prompts. The point of including the other fandoms was to get away from the Buffyverse!


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Ooh... Goody bags! Yay!

As a prompt I thus give you those Love Hearts Double Triple Dip things. Or lollipops.

I have everything together, it's just the hard part - working out what everybody wants.

I'll take Love Hearts. I'm still not sure what the other things really are.

hmm prompt...spuffy - Spike giving his daughter away at her wedding.

You are aware I am allergic to Spuffy kids? I am so going to twist that.

Spike and the Apollo 11 moon landing.

(That sounds like it should be the name of a children's book. Heh.)

That'll teach me for ignoring all the moon landing celebrations.

Buffy/Supernatural crossover. Someone from the Buffyverse has to prevent or DOES prevent Lucifer being freed.

That one really is challenging. Could take a while...

Spike meets Castiel

Could be interesting. Where the hell am I going to put all these crossovers on my website?

In a special new crossover section?

I see no Dark Angel prompts yet. Hmmm ... something daft ...

Dark Angel/BtVS crossover:

Max & Buffy and the perfect cup of coffee.

Okay I'll add that. The point was to write something other than Buffy though!

Let's see... After Buffy sees Angel with Faith, she doesn't leave LA. She gets even.

I don't think I can commit to this one. I don't really like AtS, especially the earlier seasons, and I don't have them on dvd (I have a dodgy copy that only plays when it feels like it). Plus I think I've only seen that episode once.

Something more BtVS related maybe?

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