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(no subject)

Yesterday, as the cat had pissed on the bathroom mat for some reason only known to her and it was in the wash, I slipped on the bathroom floor getting out of the shower and landed on the handle attached to the side of the bath.

Thus I need a new bath:

I'm suprised it's lasted this long really.

I landed quite lightly and I didn't think I was hurt at all until I went to bed last night. I seem to have some scratches and a rash at the top of my thigh. I don't think I got any fibreglass in there, \I don't see how I could have, but it's a but sore now. Ouch.


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Oh, my, that doesn't look good. I hope your rash clears up quickly, too.

I'm fine, it's just the bath that's a goner. :)

Ouch!!! Good grief - that looks like it would be very painful!!

Could have been, but I think I caught myself. This isn't the first time I've slipped on that floor...

Eep! I do hope you're fibreglass free.

So do I. I tried to take some pictures behind me so I could try to get a look, but I couldn't get one in focus.

Do you have a macro setting? Not to sound like the Obvious Queen of Obvious Town, but that should be able to focus better.

I do, but it's more complicated than that. There's light and shadow and knowing where the hell to point the thing!

Some complicated mirrors set-up??

I got that to work to look at it, but I need some extra magnification. This injury is, um, not in the easiest of places.

Well, there's always the tried and tested 'leave it and see if you grow an extra head' method. :D

That's the one I picked!

It's popularity is such a mystery...

You were lucky not to have seriously injured yourself.

Probably, would have stayed there for some time too. The cat would have to eat me.

Ouch. I hope you have avoided the fibre glass. It's painful just to look at that.

I think I have, but this rash is troubling.

Oh lordy, thats gotta hurt! :(

Not really. I took about 15 hours to work out I'd done any damage at all (to me anyway)

Yep, that's what letting a cat into your home will inevitably do to your furniture and fittings. They'll go to rack and ruin...I can't keep count of the things they've wrecked around my place over the years, and the strange thing is, I still won't show them the door!

Well, it's usually my fault for not keeping the litter tray clean enough, but that wasn't the excuse this time.

She is peeling off my wallpaper though, which is annoying.

It's better the bath be hurt than you, but still annoying.

It needed replacing anyway.


The lesser known delights of cat ownership...

She's pretty good most of the time, most of the problems are really my fault.

Yikes! Poor you. But silver lining - from the bath point of view, better the damage there than the whole thing cracking through when full of water.

The flat below would certainly agree with that!

Ouch. I hope you did escape complications. I can't think what else might cause a rash with a fall like that.

I'm not sure yet. The rash went down, but I need to get the mirror out again.

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