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Day 15– Toronto/London

Last one!

As we had a night flight (23:55!), we had a day to waste. Unfortunately, there wasn't much in Toronto that we still wanted to see. In the end we drove about a bit.

Therefore these pics are a bit random.

Not sure where this is:

Or this:

I think we found a farm:

Heron in a ditch.

A crossroad just itching for a deal to be made:

Then we went to the airport.

The flight home was not a great one. My mum was sick (exhaustion) and the film was 'He's Not that into You'. Nuff said.

We didn't even get a free cookie this time.

Overall, I think I liked Canada better, but I really don't think we saw anything like what New England could offer, we did it all too quick. I would've liked to have seen more of Boston certainly.

Oh well, maybe next time.

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These photos mostly make me think "flat". Hmm...

Definitely flat. I was watching a programme the other day on the great lakes, that suggested it was so flat because the lake used to be much bigger.

That would make sense, but then that's true of everywhere affected by the Ice Age, presumably. Maybe they don't have any decent rock to keep the bumps?

There is a very complicated answer to that to do with glaciers. rift valleys, tropical seas and a certain kind of rock deposited by said seas, but I can't remember the detail.

Volcanoes are in it too somewhere... Always volcanoes.

That's the rift valley part.

But they make the rock that's harder to smash up.

(PS. Please forgive me, I couldn't resist after the mass outrage and am watching The Show... :( )

Does this mean I don't have to watch Dollhouse?

I can no longer hold you to our agreement... :( (But you should still watch Dollhouse! And if you had some way of blurring Barrowman off the screen and distorting his voice I would say watch Torchwood too... *blink*)

You're fighting the full strength of my stubbonness there.

But both of them are actually good! Lots of people die in Torchwood!

That's never stopped me before.

I suppose that's fair. There's a lot fewer bits of bad writing though.

Compared to what exactly?

The rest of Torchwood!

Oh, wait, are we talking about Dollhouse? In which case I say most of TV ever. :D

I thought you might have been taking a pop at Supernatural, in which case you're probably right there'll be fisticuffs.

It would have been too easy. /I forgot. :(

Pretty piccies. May I use the heron in one of my Artist Trading Cards?

Of course you can! I'll send you the full version.

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