Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Day 15– Toronto/London

Last one!

As we had a night flight (23:55!), we had a day to waste. Unfortunately, there wasn't much in Toronto that we still wanted to see. In the end we drove about a bit.

Therefore these pics are a bit random.

Not sure where this is:

Or this:

I think we found a farm:

Heron in a ditch.

A crossroad just itching for a deal to be made:

Then we went to the airport.

The flight home was not a great one. My mum was sick (exhaustion) and the film was 'He's Not that into You'. Nuff said.

We didn't even get a free cookie this time.

Overall, I think I liked Canada better, but I really don't think we saw anything like what New England could offer, we did it all too quick. I would've liked to have seen more of Boston certainly.

Oh well, maybe next time.
Tags: on the road

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