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Day 14 - Toronto

Went shopping. Bought nothing.

Eaton Centre. Clothes shop mecca. Shame I'm not interested in clothes.


Dinner was on the Harbourfront:

CN Towe:r at night:

And again:

Arty shot:

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It looks very beautiful - and not buying clothes is a good way to save money...

I ended up buying a top in WalMart the next day when we were wasting time before our flight, but I'm not going to bother in a place that size. They did have a nice glass octopus napkin ring set in the Pottery Barn, but it would never have survived the journey back.

I loathe shopping, and my opinion of malls is 'seen one; seen them all'. This philosophy is very ironic considering that I'm planning on going to the Mall of America when I'm in Minneapolis for Writercon.

I used to like shopping, but now I find things I actually want on Ebay, I don't see the point.

I wanted to come back with something cool and electronic, but there was nothing we can't get here anymore.

I wanted to go to Writercon, but that weekend would have cost more than this entire trip!

Yup, that's Toronto all right.

I quite enjoy ze shopping (though don't usually buy much) and that shopping centre is very pretty... Nice-looking harbour too!

I like shopping for things I like, like music, Chinese tat, computer stuff and model horses. Unfortunately they were selling none of that.

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