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Day 11 – Montreal

Montreal was blisteringly hot!

This was not helped by the masses of concrete at the Olympic Park:

Arty shot of the stadium:

Not so arty shot:

We went up that towery thing:


Didn't go in that:

Biodome! Home of lots of creatures:

Like Lynx:

Porcupines up trees:

Bored Penguins!

And more!

Plus lemurs:

Some bird auditioning for a Henri Rousseau painting:

We then roasted in the Botanical Gardens (Well, just the Chinese bit, it was too hot to do much more):

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Oooooooooooooh... I love that bird and the penguins. (Go penguins!)

Penguins seemed to be a bit of a theme on this trip.

They should be the theme of every trip. *nods*

They aren't a bad theme to have, that's true.

Fudge might be slightly better. Or jelly beans.

There was a Jelly Belly theme too... And maple fudge.

Jelly Belly?!? Where are those pictures, hmm??

They weren't that exciting. I still have a box, I could take a snap?

You know you want to. Unless it's not very exciting. Which it probably isn't. Though does this 'still' imply there were once many boxes? I'm happy to hear vicarious tales, even though I rather gorged myself when I went into London last weekend. How expensive/cheap are they in the States anyway?

I thought they were a bit cheaper, but it was hard to tell.

There was only a box and two bags. I make them last last. :)

You're obviously made of stronger stuff than me... (I spread it out, but by the time I'd finished my rather bulky pic'n'mix bag my teeth hurt. :( )

It's the teeth hurty thing that checks me in check!

It's a flaw.

(And I'm so good with alcohol!)

Pretty interesting, yeah.

the Chinese part of the Botanical Gardens is so beautiful.
i love the way the one lynx has the head tilt thing going on!

It was nice of them to pose for me!

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