Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Day 10 – Quechee/Montreal

There's still tons to go!

We took a slow drive up through upper Vermont to Montreal, stopping at a highlight off the trip: the Ben and Jerry's factory.

A Bakery we never went in:

The Ben and Jerry's factory we definitely went in:

Some hilly bits whizzing by the car:

Some farm:

There's a '67 Impala about to come round that corner any minute. Any time now...

Crossing into Canada was much less painful that going the other way - there was a good reason we flew into Toronto and not Boston. That said, Quebec was a bit flat after the tree covered hills of Vermont.

Bonjour Montreal:

More docks, being French and photogenic (in a way). Doesn't look that stable to me:

A street:

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