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Day 10 – Quechee/Montreal

There's still tons to go!

We took a slow drive up through upper Vermont to Montreal, stopping at a highlight off the trip: the Ben and Jerry's factory.

A Bakery we never went in:

The Ben and Jerry's factory we definitely went in:

Some hilly bits whizzing by the car:

Some farm:

There's a '67 Impala about to come round that corner any minute. Any time now...

Crossing into Canada was much less painful that going the other way - there was a good reason we flew into Toronto and not Boston. That said, Quebec was a bit flat after the tree covered hills of Vermont.

Bonjour Montreal:

More docks, being French and photogenic (in a way). Doesn't look that stable to me:

A street:

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I think the bakery looks rather cute!

You're right - those docks don't look very stable at all.

The Bakery was lit up at night with twinkly lights too.

To which there is only one possible answer 'Oooh! Shiny!'

Maybe that part of Quebec was flat but, trust me, most of it ain't.

Alas, that was the only bit I saw. :(

I love that that street in Montreal looks so French...

Yeah, Quebec wasn't just french-speaking, it was French, both the good bits and the bad.

Even the nice bit about not expecting tips because it's in the price of the food? I can't imagine that rubbing shoulders with America very well...

Not sure about that, our meals were a bit odd there. Either it was an inclusive breakfast or an all you can eat Chinese Buffet or Burger King (the first time I've been in one of those sorts of places for years, and hopefully the last).

Haute cuisine all round then!

Very. We weren't staying in the most exciting area.

Still, it could have been Maccy D's.

I'd have skipped dinner in that case.

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