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(no subject)

The pub was great.

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(I feel like this is one of those BNF tests and I'm falling into a trap... Maybe I'm a suspicious soul.)

Yes hooray! It means I wasn't watching Torchwood. :)

Hee... Very true. I thought about it just to keep in the loop, but then I flashed back to Series 2 and thought nah.

I think you would have liked it. It was very good weirdly enough. :0

People have said that before...

(Though to be fair, it's usually me. About Dollhouse. Hmm...)

Don't do it! I'll watch Dollhouse if you don't.

Ooh, now you might have a deal there.

Woohoo! Though, er, it's not overly interesting until Ep. 6. But never mind that!

That's okay, Supernatural wasn't either and I managed that.

And that reminds me - it's got some bloke out of BSG in it that people seem to go for. He runs around acting like a prat.

And he'll therefore appeal to me, will he?

Probably not, considering I imagine you are an extremely discerning woman (/hate Angel). The 'running around like a prat' bit was supposed to be a warning rather than a bonus... But take it how you like. ;D

You're supposed to be selling this to me!

Well, in the second half of the series he gets completely deconstructed. It's great! He's going on and on about 'saving' people like some sanctimonious prat, but as the audience we're all like 'whatever, mate - you're a tosser'. And Joss is on our side.

Hmm. Hope he pegs it then.

The Dollhouse completely pwns him.

I loathe John Barrowman, so it'll always be a non-starter.

I thought he was good on Buzzcocks that time. Kept Simon Amstell on his toes! :D

Anywhere but watching the TV would have done!

God, do I have to amuse myself for a week?

I have a Torchwood puzzle book you could fill in.....*g*

I have some Supernatural puzzles, they'll wash my brain out.


It was actually very good, but if you suffer from extreme Barrowman hatred, I can see that nothing's going to sell it to you.

If it helps, he runs in a really stupid way.

Not rally, the merest sight of him has me turning over. I don't know what it is with Doctor Who, they seem to cast everyone I can't stand.

the merest sight of him has me turning over

Heh! You must spend a lot of time changing channels, then. Sometimes it seems like you can't switch on the telly without him being there.

I've pretty much given up on TV at all.

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