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Meg and Mog - Mog [new]

Day 9 - White River Junction/Quechee

We liked this area, but as we didn't like our hotel much we transferred to one in Quechee about five miles away.

Possibly a bit on the nice side for the Winchesters, but it took me to a happy imagination place anyway.

White River Junction is certainly making the best of the current economic situation. The place is practically boarded up.

Except for the optometrists, for some strange reason. The photo is blurry, you are not need of their services.

We also looked at the Quechee Gorge (hard to miss), which continuing the theme of understatment, is dubbed 'Vermont's Little Grand Canyon'.

That's the Ottauquechee River that is.

Next up was Quechee itself. The balloon festival was on, but as it was starting to rain, we left that for later and had a look around the expensive handmade glass place.Too expensive and delicate to bring home certainly, especially as my hand luggage was to take a crunching tumble out of the overhead locker on the plane later!

The area around was pretty:

I didn't go to the balloon festival in the end, I decided to have an afternoon relaxing. The festival was a bust anyway, it was too windy for them to fly.

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Ooh, no that's what I thought New England looked like! Very pretty.

Well done Vermont for being much more the sort of thing i was expecting, shame we didn't go in the Autumn.

Well, you can't have everything. ;)

My boss thought it was very like Scotland (he's a scot).

It looks a lot like Northern Ontario to me.

Can't comment on that, didn't get that far up.


Actually, don't let White River's appearance fool you: We are going through a definite revitalization. We have a comics school, a very unique museum, and tons of other stuff.

It's a very deceptive appearance. I heard the place had a strong art scene, but it looked more like a ghost town in the making.

Still kind of liked the place though.

It does look like a very pretty place.

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