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Day 8 - Hull/White River Junction

Better get on with this.

With Boston in the rearview mirror, we headed off to Vermont, taking a break to go shopping in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, there was nothing worth buying. :(

Along the way we spotted an interesting looking sign for 'America's Stonehenge' and we (okay, I) couldn't resist. Despite the boiling hot and humid day, my dad and I took a short trek through the woods to see this wonder, which although interesting (and almost certainly a folly made by local farmers and a charlatan out of a Native American site), was in no way Stonehenge's equal in



nor scale:

Nice alpaca though.

We made camp just inside Vermont at White River Junction. Picked purely because I liked the name. Suddenly we were in the America I wanted to see; complete with trees, hills, trees, and the obligatory WalMart. The people where suddenly a lot nicer too.

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Sounds like a great day and fun at a tourist trap. I love traveling and wandering into strange little places.

I have never seen an Alpaca before! Thanks.

Then today's your lucky day!

I thought I would see more of these places, but that's the interstate for you.

That alpaca's well funky! It looks like it's about to go disco dancing...

Hah, Stonehenge... It's about as big as the Spinal Tap model. Nice woods (though they look a bit like Wendover)!

It is New England after all.

The 'stons' were a little bigger than 18 inches, but not much!

Someone gave the alapaca a really funky trim.

Very true.

Was it in danger of being crushed by a dwarf?


No, the dwarf was working at the time. In a shoe shop down the road.

Oooh the alpaca! I don't think I've ever seen one before! Pretty.

As an American I find it rather embarrassing that anyone would label the construction above "America's Stonehenge." Sheesh ... I suppose if it were intended in a tongue-in-cheek manner ...

There where two alpacas. We were admired the funky shearing of the white one, when this gorgeous specimen turned up.

I think anything vaguely stone age would get called that, even though it's nothing like it! The site doesn't seem to have another name though, which is immediately suspicious.

I'm channel flipping and what do I come across on The History Channel but.... America's Stonehenge!!

According to the program, 50% of the stonework on top is missing, everything on top was re-arranged by prior owners of the land, there's a huge complex of rooms below and a whole bunch of people are arguing about who built it in the first place - Irish monks, Native Americans or some crazy Frenchman who lived there in the early 1800s.

How ironic.

I have to say, as a regular visitor to prehistoric sites, something about the place didn't ring true. They claim alignments with the sun/moon, but it's in a forest. Plus, it's clearly not that type of site. If it reminds me of anywhere, it's Skara Brae, and that's a village.

Plus, the way they present the place, spraying some of the stones with paint, didn't seem right. There didn't seem to be any archeaological vigour applied to the site.

If this site had been genuine, I would have expected many similar sites in the area, but I didn't hear of any.

I suppose we might never know what it might have been before it was interfered with.

America's Stonehenge? :Blinks:

Blink again and you still won't see it.

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