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Been a busy bunny and have finally got two new calendars to add to Bogwitch's Spike and BtVS page. The first is a London Underground themed one (I just can't seem to leave the subject alone!) and the second is non-Spike (shudder, gasp!) of Buffy's Resurrection.

I don't mind really whether anyone is actually interested in these, I have this strange compulsion to make them anyway.

Also tonight, I was mucking about with some Chance screencaps and Painter Classic, and I made this for the spiketara community. I thought I'd share it with everyone.

This is just a sample. If you you're mad enough to actually want it desktop size, then they can be found here.

Speaking of Chance screencaps, I made some of own. I'll post a couple of nice ones later when my supposed broadband (die! NTL, die!) connection allows me to upload at any sort of speed.

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