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(no subject)

Back home, but shattered.

Stupid night flights.


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Welcome back! Boo flights...

I will get back to the pics asap... tomorrow.

Thanks. I'm very glad to be home.

Sorry you didn't enjoy the States much. It sounds like you were doing the British version of 'It's Tuesday, it must be Belgium' tour, though. You never see the interesting stuff that way.

I half to admit I'm a West Coast gal. What I've seen of the east and south didn't grab my fancy. It's like visiting a whole different country, in many ways.

Sorry, I've been missing so long. It looks like that will continue. Mom's on her third visit to the hospital (not counting the 4 emergency trips where they sent her back home). Still don't know what the problem is, but they are treating it like Crone's at the moment.

I think the way we did it had a lot of influence, but I think New England just isn't our place. HOWEVER. None of that applies to Vermont (and the bit of New Hampshire next to it). We found Vermont lovely and the people were much nicer.

I suspect I'd find the West Coast better too, but we couldn't get that far.

Sorry to hear your mother is still suffering. It wasn't the bug then, I take it?

I look forward to seeing you back when she's better.

Welcome back. We've had summer whilst you were away - I hope it lingers a little longer so that you didn't completely miss it!

Dunno, I kind of wish I had.

Hurrah! There's no place like home.

I have been off of here and didn't realize you were traveling so I got to read everything to this point at once. As sad as it is to say with me living in the USA, I've never been to New England. You are right about traveling on the interstates and there being a lot of nothing in between destinations.

This reminds me, I must finish these. Vermont turned things around.

That's good to hear! I am leaving tomorrow for a few days in Dublin and it will be the first trip I've ever taken outside of the US. I'm extremely excited and trying not to freak about the recent news about plane crashes and such.

I know the feeling! I'm sure you'll be fine.

Dublin is a great place.

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