Bogwitch (bogwitch) wrote,

Day 6 - Providence, RI to Nantasket Beach, MA (via the part of Cape Cod we could be bothered to do)

Have to say by this point I've been deeply unimpressed with the USA, mostly because of the miles we had to do on the Interstate, but the bottom end on Cape Cod didn't grab us either, so we didn't bother with he rest and headed for Boston, stopping short and staying on Nantasket Beach, a spit sticking out into the bay. I don't know if the spit has a name beyond the amusing 'Hull' - it's UK twin couldn't be more different, except the greyness.

It was hardly beach weather though, it tipped down!

Outside the hotel: It's grim up North:

Some houses:

Some houses closer up:

There was car show apparently:

Tags: on the road

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