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Day 4 - Niagara to Canastota, NY

Currently, I'm in Vermont. I'm so behind!

Now where were we?

Day 4. This was mostly an extremely boring day on the road which ended up in the middle of nowhere and miles from where we planned to be (Albany).

However there was one highlight: The Maid of the Mist!

Goodbye land, I may not see you again!

Ooh. That's big!...


Bloody hell! I'm soaked in half the Niagara river!

Good luck! Now where's the gift shop?

Canastota was too boring for photos. We had a vast Chinese take out that lasted us for two days though.

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Been there, takes your breath.

wow! makes swallow falls look a tad inadequate! aber, though can have much force but not the quantity obviously - I like waterfalls

No, they can't much the drama or the power, but the Swallow Falls have a sweet charm of their own. There#s always a magic to waterfalls.

Those are wonderful pictures - although I think I would need a proper sized boat to really enjoy it...

It's not a small boat by any means!

Oh boy, I go there in August. Looks rather intimidating. *gulp*

It certainly does from above, but once on the boat it's not too bad, just very wet! I think it's an absolute must do!

I think that's too much waterfall for me.

And straight in the face too!

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