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Day Two - Toronto

Woke up ludicously early, as you might imagine. We were out and about before the city woke up for Sunday morning. We took a stroll and then a streetcar down to the harbourfront, where we milled around a bit before ambling up to the CN Tower. No, I didn't stand on the glass floor. I thought I could - until I got about a foot away and instinct kicked in.

After a snack we ventured onto a tour bus and then on a boat trip around the islands, (the boat was nice but not particularly interesting, imo). Then after lunch at the Harbourfront Centre, we took the bus around the city before getting off in Chinatown and walking back to the hotel. Dinner was Thai. Yum.

Hello Toronto:

I said it was early:

View from hotel lobby (not so nice view from room!):

We're going up that?

It's a long way down:


Obligatory arty shot:

CN tower from outside the hotel:


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You're so close to me! :;waves:;

I love standing on the glass floor but it freaks David out :-)

Well, I was, I'm somewhere in New York now, we're heading for Boston, but we're flying out of Toronto, so I'll be back. Which is fine, I liked Toronto. Though I think it's a living city, more than a visiing city. Reminded me a bit of Johannesberg.

I was determined to do the glass floor, but I just couldn't!

Lovely photos - it's looks a great place to visit!

So glad that you went up the CN Tower and took a picture - it saves me ever having to think about doing it myself...

It does look as if it would be a good place to live.

I took loads of pictures up there, but I didn't want to bore people! Not as many as I have of Niagara though!

I'm quite looking forward to going back to Toronto at the end of the holiday.

I couldn't stand on that glass floor either.

Even knowing it's safe, it can't be done.

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