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Day One - London to Toronto

We had a nice smooth flight over, which was definitely aided by flying Club Class. Had a nice three course lunch that never seemed to end (Grilled Veg, Rolls and Cheese, Beef on something that might have been rice, cous cous or suet pudding, Black Forest gateau, lashings of wine, after dinner liqueurs and irish coffee), phew! Plus an afternoon 'snack' of Chicken and Beef open sandwiches, more wine, warm cookies, chocolates, coffee, mints maple fudge.

We didn't need dinner when we landed. Which was just as well as my mother left her bag in the taxi and we had to stay in to wait for the driver to bring it back.

We were in bed by 9.30.

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I'm a bit further south now, somewhere in New York State.

We were in bed by 9.30.

Many of the best days end that way...

Only if there's something there worth getting in bed for. :)

Anything above economy is the only way to fly overseas! They feed you constantly. And more and more airlines are putting in basically beds! I love my brother for many things but mostly because he flies so much he has oodles of miles to share. :)

That sounds like the way to fly.

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