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I'm offski!

A life long pre-occupation with death, the recent plane crash in the Atlantic and a really imminent long haul plane journey are not good for my head. Plus my friend has my cat so I have her to fret about too. :(

What this means is that I'm off to Toronto tomorrow. I don't know when I'll have internet access again, so I'll see you all soon!



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holiday? work? whichever, all good wishes

As much as I can do, thanks!

I shall cross my fingers for you, and I hope your trip turns out lovely! :)

I'm sure it will. :) Thanks.

You'll have oodles of fun, I'm sure of it! Enjoy!!

Sure will. Sorry about the story, I just could finish in time.

Don't worry about it - I'm in serious danger of being late to my own ficathon as it is (will fix story today), so I understand the sentiment.

oooh. Have a lovely time!!! I'm sure all will go well. And you can tell us all about it when you get back. *grins*

Might even tell you all while I'm out there.

I know the fear of flying well. But they say it's safer than staying at home! If that helps.

I'm not usually a nervous flyer and I'll be fine actually on the plane, but I have been thinking a little too much. I think worrying about the cat has ramped it up a bit too.

Holidays!!! Lucky you!!
Have a good journey and enjoy yourself.

It's my first proper holiday for 10 years too!

Have a wonderful Holiday !

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