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Drabbleish thing: Dramatis Personae

The Chance DVD has finally arrived, just as I have no opportunity to watch it until Monday due to Bob being parked on the sofa. No way am I watching it with him around, I'm already getting the sarcastic remarks just for buying it.

Its been a up and down sort of week, in which PMS has featured heavily. On Thursday we went to the Ladytron gig at the Astoria. We had a great time. I've been going there for years and this is the first time we've worked out how to get to the balcony. Thank goodness for that too, as the place was boiling. It's far more civilised to watch from a nice table facing the stage!

Right, as promised days ago! Another little something from miggy's DS9 title challenge which seems to have died a death, but I'm halfway through a lot of stuff so I'll post it anyway.

Dramatis Personae – Bogwitch
(Post Chosen, BtVS)

Her Mother.
Miss Calendar.

Spike. Oh God, even Spike.

So many dead and left behind, their lives and sacrifices without marker, now all lost to a town swallowed by a mouth to Hell.

As she turns her back on the crater that took her old life away, she knows that it’s the people she’ll miss most as their lives go on, and the dramatis personae of her life will never be the same again.

I hope I haven't left anyone important out. I could have added Jesse and Amanda, but I think Buffy barely knew who they were.

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