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key disaster

I got in tonight and my key snapped off in the lock as I pulled it out.



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That happened to my work key once, I had to hoof it to a co-workers house to get in the building.
Hopefully, you have a spare more easily located.

I have a spare but it was 7 miles away at my parents. My dad brought over and fished the broken bit out.

My feelings too. But all fixed now (i hope).

Ooops indeed. I live in fear of this happening with the keys that are copies. Know any friendly locksmiths?

My dad sorted it out. I think I'll have two copies made this time.

I really hope you don't need a locksmith, they are expensive!

Fortunately, I have a handy dad!

Whatever locksmith fixes it will be happy.

Well, my dad wasn't particularly happy.

I was going to type exactly the same thing as Wombat... Instead I go with Buggery-Boo! Glad to hear it's fixed anyway.

Buggery-Boo has great style, I must say.

It has the power to diffuse any number of situations.

Oy! And to get a locksmith over the weekend? *passes tea and cookie.*

Luckily, my dad was able to fix it. I am well aware of the expense of locksmiths, I've had to call them out before!

Oh, oops! That sucks. *hugs*

Definitely something I could have done without.

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