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Be my friend


My named is saved from those who would usurp me!


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could you possibly give me a code so i can get an account there, too?

I haven't got any yet, but when I do you'll be first on my list.

Do you still need an invite to Dreamwidth? If so, let me know.

i got an invite code after registered through OpenID.
thanks anyway!!

Ooh, I'll friend you as soon as I get an account! I'm over there with an open ID at the moment. :)

I have to say I don't understand OpenID at all.

Gotta code I can have? I want to save my username from being usurped too.

I haven't been given any yet, but when I do you're on my list.

It's going to be lonely over here if you all move.

I'm not going anywhere, too much effort. I just wanted to make sure 'bogwitch' didn't fall into hands that aren't mine.

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