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(no subject)

Busyness continues to suck up my time, but I think I might have a chapter of my WIP close despite the hole my muse has fallen into.

The car still isn't sorted, but I have more pressing problems that need my attention. I'm actually going on a proper holiday for the first time since 2000, when I went for a week to Glastonbury and got stuck indoors during the fuel crisis. Therefore, a new passport (and a re-mortgage!) is needed asap as such things are needed for the US and Canada, I hear. Never people to do anything by halves, my parents are taking me on a tour from Toronto to Montreal via Boston.

A restful trip, this will not be.


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Quite the trip! I'm sure you will enjoy it, even if you might need a rest when you get home.

Indeed. I think we've bitten off far more than we can chew!

You don't need restful when you got exciting. :-)That sounds like a wonderful trip. When are you going ?

No, but I'm not sure if we'll have time to look at anything!

I'd rather not say when I'm going anywhere online, but it's this year.

Sounds fun!

A restful trip, this will not be.

But hopefully one with lots of piccies???

You might regret asking.

Never! I'm not on dial-up, so what have I got to lose? I expect to see lots of things with cheese on.

Not on my plate, but I'll what I can do.

I'm just thinking of clichés born of Top Gear here.

If we can all stop arguing long enough!


Liebe Bogwitch,

May see you somewhere - visiting Toronto-Montreal-Quebec-Ottawa-Toronto this year in twelve days and we are much older than you - its called "madness". A restful trip, this will not be.

Love Irishnoodles

Re: Toronto-Montreat-Quebec-Toronto

I think we'll both be moving too fast to see anything!

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