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(no subject)

I see the review posts for the new Red Dwarf didn't make it to part three. Quite wise.


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*nods vigorously*

My weekend went from disappointment to merry amusement (with a bit of cringing at child actors) to general apathetic blankness. Biggest pity of year so far, possibly the last decade.

Though I'm still going to say smeg.

I don't know what the smeg they were thinking, signing up for that. I'll just have to pretend it didn't happen, like series 7 and 8.

Eight was good! Seven is always better than I remember it, because I forget that Rimmer actually is in quite a few episodes. Just in weird ways.

I think you're in the minority, but that's not always a bad thing. :)

I think I gave up sometime after the male Holly was replaced, so had little interest in the attempted revival.

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